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Fidelty, Bravery and Integrity.FBI
One of 12,568 FBI special agents with 10 years experience in white collar crimes and 6 years on the violent crime squad will speak at our next meeting. Ever wonder what happened to the ten most wanted pictures in the Post Office. Internet fraud and child abuse along with much more information.

Nick Green, Staff Writer and Soccer Columnist,Daily Breeze
Mr. Green has earned his job as staff writer covering Torrance for the Daily Breeze. A lover of soccer is reflected in his soccer columns. Come to the meeting and enjoy an interesting conversationalist with a unique perspective on Torrance.

Election of Officers
If you are interested in serving of the Board of Directors of SETHA, just send us an email at so we can contact you.

Door Prizes
More details next week.

Who: Southeast Torrance Homeowners' Association

What: Membership Meeting and Election of Officers

When: Thursday, March 20, 2008

Where: John Adams Elementary School, 2121 238…